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The Rock Church/La Roca



The Rock Miami Church is a non-denominational, Bible based, Christian congregation which first opened its doors in the fall of the year 2000.

Because Miami is a multicultural city, and with the many different languages spoken here, The Rock Church was birthed to meet the spiritual needs of English speaking people, while at the same time sharing its main campus with a Spanish speaking congregation.

In addition to the Sunday service, there are a number of other activities and groups that people can participate in. Bible studies, fellowship groups, prayer groups, spiritual retreats, conferences and social gatherings are some of the events we have continually going on, all of which help us to "know God better, and to make Him known."


The Rock´s worship service takes place every Sunday at 11:30am. Its contemporary music and inspiring God-centered messages makes The Rock attended and enjoyed by people of all ages, singles as well as families.


10601 SW 48th St

Miami, FL 32216


Aldo Miranda.JPG

Sergio Echezábal

Sergio has been with The Rock since 1985 and became a pastor in 2018. He and his wife, Vickie, have been married since 1991 and have two children.

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Gerardo Van Dalen

Gerardo, or "Jerry," has been a member of The Rock since 1980 and became a pastor in 1995. He and his wife, Maria Elena, have six children.

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Freddy Pérez

Freddy helped found The Rock in 1973 to serve the Spanish-speaking population in Miami-Dade County. He and his wife, Aurora, have two daughters and seven grandkids.

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Aldo Miranda

Aldo has been a member of The Rock since 1987 and became a pastor in 2018. He and his wife, Lourdes, have three children and one grandchild.


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